We offer you to the nice and unforgettable adventure destinations surrounding Indonesia... Or simply tell your adventurous plan, and let us make it happened for you.

Extreme journey and expedition in Indonesia are also available, please contact us for detail discussion and trip support.

We are different with a traditional adventure organizer, we rarely offer you with standard itineraries since most of our package are tailor made. Using our knowledge and years of experience, we would help you to get the most of your journey, either you know want to go, simply circled a vague area or looking for adventure trip inspiration.

Call us for plan and having adventure trips, our advice would embrace safety, convenience, efficient and unforgettable moments.


hiking dan trekking The best way to really experience an area is to pass through it on foot. That is the moment enjoying the sceneries, smell of rain forest, chirrup of birds, wind noise, mists and sometime having rain drops. Travel to Indonesia hinterland would give you an experience too chatting with local characters, know their thoughts and cultures. Provide you as well with such a wide variety hiking environments such as savannah, forest, mud, desert, limestone, rugged mountain ranges and coastlines.

Our packages covers all 7 highest mountains in Indonesia, the highest one in Malaysia, tropical mountains for beginners and other challenging ones. Some national parks, mountain lake and rivers are also included in our tailor made packages. Provide advices to you for trip options, pre-requisites, do and don't and much more. Permits, logistics and gears would be taken care of, leaving you more time to enjoy the sights and scenery rather than spend negotiating the tricks and traps of trip in remote and rural areas.


hiking dan trekking Provide you with adventure trip opportunities designed for you to photograph hundreds unique objects, scenes and moments, from village in hinterland, rain forest, mountain to diving spots. A time to have better understanding of Indonesia nature and cultures, capture with your gears and appreciate with your senses its beauty sceneries and people. Not only to sharpen your skills in the field, but want you to be inspired and bringing out the soul of your subjects whether it is a person, ceremony, building, creatures or a landscape.

The hassles related with the trip would be taken care, so you would be free to concentrate on your photography. A guaranteed plenty of time at major shoot location to allow you to relax, immerse yourself in the landscape around you and experience the spirit of adventure and exploration. Exceptional local guides would accompany you for the trip, people who have passion about nature and culture and eager to share it with you.


hiking dan trekkingAdventure trips to hinterland is one of the most effective ways to learn the original cultures, whoever you are, professors, movie directors, dance artists, or might be a tattoo shop owner. Our Culture Packages will take you safely to explore the rich culture of Indonesia, a time to speak a bit of local language, interactions with origin tribe people, immerse in the age-old rituals, trying their food and documenting what you see and feel.

Explore the rich Indonesian culture in the vast areas of pristine wilderness which it becomes the world's second highest level of biodiversity. Amidst the natural beauty of rain forests, cloud-swept mountains, vivid blue seas and wild animals, Indonesia keeps its rich collections of beliefs, buildings, ceremonies, rituals, cultural art, food, dance and music. Dayak Iban tribe in Kalimantan hinterland, Dani tribe in Baliem valley, Alas tribe in Aceh are the sample of Indonesia ancient rich heritage.


hiking dan trekking This package is based on the idea that everyone learns best when they can actively participate on an adventure activities that are challenging, fun and safe but with a perceived risk. One thing that this kind of adventure always involves is to push members just a little bit to build memorable experiences that draws them together. Gaining knowledge and experience from elders and others about living and survive in real outdoor life is one of the benefits. This is also promoting people to have responsibilities to their community and environments, not only become to be nature lovers.

A lot of valuable recommendations regarding organizing your outing trip would be put on the table as your request. Wide range items are available, from adventure activities and a combination with recreational and lesson practiced, from camping to jeep journey, short trekking with leadership course or white water rafting with an excited party time. No matter what your interest is, you would have memorable time and a diversity of experiences.

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